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This is just a demo of our first CD. We really enjoyed putting those few tracks together. 


All tunes are traditional, except Breton Dance and The first tune on the Shaving Laois Man set which were composed by the group. Feel free to download them. Enjoy.

You can also download mp3s of sessions and gigs here


If you enjoyed our music or if you have any comments on these few tracks, please let us know on the forum (here). 


Track Name Mp3  (sound better but you need a fast connection) Size Real Audio (smaller but low in quality) Size            

NEW : The Shaving Laois man set Download 1.47MB N/A
Dr Gilbert Set Download 3.43 MB Download 583 KB
Jigs Download 3.13 MB Download 543 KB
Breton Dance Download 2.28 MB Download 388 KB
Club Ceili set Download 3.65 MB Download 620 KB
Four and nine Download NA Download NA
Colin's Download 4.59 MB Download 782 KB

You can also download mp3s of sessions and gigs here

If Windows media player can't play those tunes, you'll need an .mp3 player such as  Winamp to listen to them. 

You will also need Real Player to read the Real Audio file format. Get it here.



cuisle, 2001